by E.G. Got-Beatz

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    The word Requiesesnce is a synonym for relaxation. When seeing words like Rap & Hip-Hop you rarely associate these words with relaxation. Rap usually has a reputation for causing aggression. If your anything like me you throw on some rap as a sedative to your aggression. The project is created to pay homage to just that and inspire those who need a soundtrack for creativity, productivity or simply relieving stress.
    The purpose of this project is to give the listener the hip- hop experience with none of the words. During its conception my vision was to compile a ambient set of tracks so that the listener will want to envision there own activities to the music. Not only rapping, singing or songwriting, but studying, cleaning, dancing. I wanted to create an atmosphere free from aggression & focused on creativity, relaxation & a little nostalgia.
    It may have taken about six months to conceptualize and create the music. In the two months that followed I would go out to collect sounds from the city that would tell the appropriate story. This project can be simply described as an instrumental mixtape. The eight song journey begins as wait on the platform of the Atlanta Marta station. This could be the start of your work day or the end of it. Either way you have to wait on this train that runs on its own schedule. Once that train arrives and you have time to comfortable, from then on where u go is up to you.
    My vision for this project was simple. What ways do I like to relax in my hometown. The remaining seven songs are my description of those things and places. I would take real life situations and people and I would attempt to recreate a feeling from my life. “Smoke in Piedmont” is an example of one such scenario. The coughing gentleman at the beging describes his inexperience with this sort of thing. The girls laughter next to him helps his confedence. The track its self could be described as the guys train of thought.
    All songs were composed by Elon “E.G. Got-Beatz” Green. No live instrumentation was included as to not confuse this with Jazz or sampling. However these styles were used as influence. All of the tracks were filled with atmospheric elements such as birds chirping (Smoke in Piedmont, #RoofTopChillin), kids in the pool (Deep South), and even some sounds from my favorite games and TV shows (Relief, Adult Swim). This was done for two reasons. The first is to protect my music from anyone not looking to give me credit if these tracks are used in other works. The second reason is to add a creative element that i've yet to hear in instrumental music. By adding simple things like planes flying and kids playing i'm able to tell a subtle story behind the music.
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An expression of my experiences growing up, but a canvas or soundtrack for your experiences.


released December 17, 2013



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The Establishment Atlanta, Georgia

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